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Most error codes in cameras are a generic code, these codes will appear if there is a failure/fault with the unit or a setting is incorrect.


You can apply your own process of illumination testing: 


Remove the battery for 30 seconds to a minute then put the battery back in the unit then turn the camera on.


A low battery, this can cause an error. Re-charge the battery.


Re-set the camera – a custom re-set can be done through the camera menu. This will set the unit back to the original custom functions. 


Turn the camera off, remove the lens and clean the lens and body contacts. The lens contacts will be at the end of the lens. They are a small set of silver/gold contacts protruding from the rear of lens. Gently run your finger over the contacts to clean off any scum or obstruction. Do the same to the camera contact, they are  gold/silver contacts just inside the camera lens mount area. After you have cleaned the lens and body contacts put the lens back on the camera and power up the unit.


Remove the CF card and check the card pins, there may be a bent pin, a pin that's pushed in or there is an obstruction in the card slot.


On some of the old style Nikkor lenses you have to have the lens aperture locked on to the lowest aperture (highest number) If the lens is not locked in an error will occur. There is a locking button the side of the lens. Once the lens aperture ring is set to the highest number press/push in the lock button.


Try another lens on the camera it may be a faulty lens.


Try another card in the camera, the card may be faulty.



If all the above has not rectified the error you will have to have the unit assessed.