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Nikon Scanner 

When I start my Nikon Scanner software, it tells me that no scanner can be detected?
You should check if your computer is detecting that the scanner is connected.
If you are using a PC go the start menu→ control panel→ system→hardware→ device manager: All the connected devices will be listed.There should be one called imaging device or Nikon (scanner model)    
If there is a    !    symbol, this means the device is not working properly, due to a possible problem with drivers. Try reinstalling the drivers.
If the device is listed without the symbol above, then it could be a software fault. Check the Nikon website for the latest software for your scanner and operating system. Completely uninstall existing software and re-install. 
If the scanner is not listed in device manager, then it is probably not initializing properly due to internal hardware errors, or the USB/Firewire port may be faulty. If this is the case, contact Camera Clinic to book in for repair. 
My scanner images are soft and flaring?
Scanners are susceptible to dust due to the air circulation required for cooling of the electronics. When dust enters the unit is will accumulate on the optics of the scanner causing soft and flaring images. The scanner will require a clean and service.