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Camera Clinic
Is the only independent service centre in Australia that has Nikon, Canon, Leica and Fuji factory tooling and training under one roof.

Authorised service Centre for    
Nikon, Leica and Fuji Professional, units under manufacturer's warranty and non-warranty repairs.
Specialising in
Canon repairs
Design and Manufacture
 Stereo cameras, Time laps images /Intervalometers, Infrared conversions and Remote control units and more.

Digital Cameras 

Pro and medium format

Film cameras



Flash units

Exposure meters


Card recoveries

CCD filter cleaning
Combined experience in Digital backs and quality optic systems.
Camera Clinic Interview
Interview with Wayne Rogers at Camera Clinic from FStop Lounge: 


Authorised service centre


Nikon All cameras, Lenses, Binoculars, Scanners, Flash units,
Nikon Film cameras & Nikonos
Leica All Digital cameras, lenses, binoculars & sports optics


Please send in the receipt of purchase or the completed warranty card.


If your equipment is under manufactures warranty please bring/send in your warranty card and receipt of purchase. 


If the equipment under manufactures warranty is inspected and found to be warranty void  e.g. impact, water or foreign substance, we will contact you with a findings report and images if applicable. We will ask for your authorization to submit a quote to repair the unit. If you accept the terms and conditions and would like to proceed with the quote an inspection fee is applicable. If you choose not to have the unit quoted it will be returned at no charge - a return freight charge may be applicable.



Factory trained and specialising in


Canon All Digital cameras, lenses, flash units and film cameras



Specialising in


Panasonic Digital
Sony Digital
Olympus Digital and Film
Fuji Digital and Pro SLR Digital
Ricoh Digital
Konica/Minolta Digital
Casio Digital
Kodak Digital and Pro SLR Digital
Tamron Lenses
Sigma Lenses
Digital Pro backs Pro backs
Hasselblad Film medium format
Mamiya Film medium format
Light meters meters
Pro Format General


If you have a brand or model not listed please do not hesitate to call.


General repair times
Our general repair turn around are approximately 10 working days providing parts are in stock. These are guide lines only; times may change due to the work load and part availability.  
To check the turn around times please phone 03 9419 5247   
Professional repair turn around are approximately 3 to 5 working days. Professional customer can phone ahead and pre-book in their equipment 03 9419 5247, it is flagged and prioritized when it is booked in. These are guide lines only; times may change due to the work load and part availability.     
VIP customers will have the 1300 VIP customer service number.
VIP customers are Professional Photographers that have registered as Camera Clinic VIP customer. Your equipment will be booked and prioritized for the VIP service.     


Spare parts


Camera Clinic stock volume spare parts however there are instances we have to order parts for your repair requirements. Our reception staff will advise if there are parts delays. We also have a recycle program in place utilizing discarded equipment for salvage parts; this keeps the cost of the parts down.     



Cost - Qualified quotes/Inspections

Cost: Price changes effective 1st July 2016 - see below
$49.50 (inc GST) per unit or per camera and lens combination.
An additional piece of equipment is $22.00 (inc GST)
Second body lens combination is an additional $49.50 (inc GST)
All inspections are carried out by a technician.
Any repair under $140.00 (inc gst) will not be quoted.

Camera Clinic inspection fee price changes effective 1st July 2016


Camera Clinic’s inspection fee of $49.50 will still remain the same to inspect

One piece of equipment


Body lens combination


Two pieces of equipment



The difference now will be if one of the quoted items is refused and one accepted

1/2 the cost of the inspection fee will go towards the refused item

Any additional item is $24.75